Michael van Ginkel
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  • owner: Dr. Ir. Michael van Ginkel
  • company: Eikomagos e.U.
  • legal form: sole proprietorship
  • register of commerce FN 466844k,
    commercial court of Vienna
  • VAT ID: ATU72043807
  • location: Vienna, Austria
  • tel: +43 19 560 679
  • trade authority: municipal office for the 4./5. district, Vienna
  • trade license: services in automated data processing and information technology
  • chamber: chamber of commerce (WKO), Vienna
  • corporate purpose: consultancy and software development in image analysis and related fields
  • editorial policy: to inform you about our services
(Where possible the terminology/names have been translated from German. You can find the original terminology on the German version of this page)

Personal data/privacy

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Legal (GDPR)

Statements with respect to compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):
  • our website collects no information
  • no information is kept on the web hosting servers
  • the only personal data we keep is for legal requirements: contracts, quotes and invoices
  • we only keep the specificly required data (e.g. name, address, tax number) for a specific purpose
  • data protection: our computer systems' drives are encrypted
  • data protection: only a single person has access
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