Throughout this site the polite form “we” is used. However actually the team numbers exactly one:

MSc & PhD in Applied Physics from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.

12 years of industry experience applying image analysis in the fast moving consumer goods sector

My expertise in image analysis covers the entire “chain”:
  • theoretical/mathematical (see my PhD thesis)
  • algorithms & implementation (I am one of the two founding authors of DIPlib, a software library for scientific image analysis)
  • finding quick & practical solutions to real-life image analysis questions (my time in industry)


By application (a selection):

  • microrheology,
  • microfluidics,
  • fracture detection in borehole images (geology),
  • multi-spectral stain detection in skin histology,
  • imaging and image analysis in ice physics,
  • 3D visualisation of microcrobes in scalp and skin,
  • in-mouth endoscopy

By methodology (a selection):

  • measurement in images, and in particular:
  • orientation and curvature estimation (2D/3D),
  • velocity estimation.
  • curve detection (Radon/Hough),
  • depth from stereo pairs,
  • simple simulation (in microrheology)


  • Linux/UNIX, C
  • matlab(👎), windows (👎;intermediate)
  • Python (intermediate)
  • User interface creation (semi-automatic image analysis)
For some of these languages/environments, I may have the expertise, but not particularly like them: these have a 👎 (thumbs down) behind them