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Need help extracting relevant and quantitative information?

Eikomagos offers consultancy and software development in image analysis


Welcome to Eikomagos. We offer expertise in Image Analysis, ranging from providing advice on how to approach your research question, developing methodology and implementing it in software.

Image Analysis has a wide range of application areas. Well-known examples are robotics, industrial vision, surveillance, remote sensing and medical imaging. Here, at Eikomagos, we are specialised in measurement in images, particularly in microscopy images. This does not exclude experience in other application areas though, check our Team and examples pages to find out more.

A key prerequisite for a successful image analysis approach is image quality. If you are planning to acquire images with the purpose of extracting information from them using image analysis, it may be helpful to discuss this with an expert beforehand.

The aim is normally to develop a fully automated technique, but unfortunately in many cases this proves too difficult or would require a prohibitive amount of development: in such cases the answer is normally a semi-automated solution with a user interface — to let the human mind address the parts that an algorithm struggles with.